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Community Education at Sierra College offers a kaleidoscope of exciting classes and activities designed to meet the personal enrichment and professional development interests of our diverse community.  Our courses are short-term, not-for-credit, fee-based classes, workshops and training programs providing opportunities to expand your horizons, hone your talents or introduce you to a new skill so that learning is life-long. Check out a few of our categories below or "Browse All Classes".


Please Note: 
-  Our office has moved to the Roseville Center located at 316 Vernon St., Ste. 249, Roseville.
-  Blackhawk Museum Bus Trip leaves at 9:00am - Sept 16th (changed from catalog published time)
-  Just Added!  Everyday Spanish - Part II.  More details here.

What's Happening?
-  Holiday Fitness Boot Camp
Beginning Flamenco Dance
-  Champagne Travel on a Beer Budget
-  Glass Mirrors and Slump Votive Candle
-  Painting Animals with Acrylics
-  All That Sparkles - Wine
-  Supervisor Series II
-  Retirement Planning classes
-  And, many more fall offerings to choose from!

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